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ShieldPass access cards are delivered securely in unmarked envelopes anywhere in the world free by regular post or arranged by express mail delivery.

x user access card
           $9 *delivery included
*1 year server subscription included

1 x ShieldPass access card -$9 each + 1 free extra access card

10 x ShieldPass access cards - $90 + 1 free extra access card - $9 per card

25 x ShieldPass access cards - $212.5 + 2 free extra access cards - $8.5 per card

50 x ShieldPass access cards - $400 + 5 free extra access cards - $8 per card

75 x ShieldPass access cards - $562.5 + 7 free extra access cards - $7.5 per card

100 x ShieldPass access cards - $700 + 10 free extra access cards - $7 per card

Replacement Cards are $5 each

*All prices include free international postage anywhere in the world

please contact for a custom quote over 100 users


ShieldPass Process

Start by creating an administration account to manage your user's access cards

From the administration page you can sign in and manage your user's authentication cards and experience. You can use the printed secret key mailed with the access cards or you can generate an entirely new public and secret key used in your code snippets.

The code snippet goes easily into your website html and integrates the passwindow challenge for the specific user's access card. Alternatively both snippets can be joined on the same page.

The resulting challenge has a low footprint and can be seamlessly inserted into any sign in page on your website.

We will securely mail you a unique access card and private encryption key.

Through your ShieldPass account you can add new users or order replacement cards cheaply and efficiently.

ShieldPass offers complete Man In The Middle prevention with simple transaction authentication. Beating OTP tokens, sms and cumbersome transaction signing tokens with a passive visual system which anyone can setup in minutes.


If you would like to run your own local authentication server please contact our partner PassWindow
Simple ShieldPass plugins available for common web applications...
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